Lake District Wedding Photography and Video

Caitlin & William Highlights from on Vimeo.

You’ve successfully booked the wedding venue of your dreams and now you’re looking for the best way to capture it in all its glory.

At AMB-VISION with the use of our Photography, Videography and Specialist Drone Technology we can capture your Wedding Day in its entirety, with the best equipment and of the highest standard.

We can offer you complete Photography and Videography Packages or you can choose either or. 

We also offer our couples the use of our Bentley Flying Spur as their Wedding Car to complete the package if required.

Added to this, included in our packages is the use of our Fully CAA Licensed & Insured Drones. The image and footage possibilities with the use of Drone Technology will blow the traditional wedding album out of the water. Nothing compares to the cinematic grandeur of aerial footage.

You can capture your entire venue, all your happy guests and maybe even a breath-taking sunset.
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If it is just Videography you would like, AMB-VISION will work with ground based wedding photographers to cover your wedding from a stunning aerial view high above the church and venue.

Our aim is to capture amazing dynamic aerial photos and video that will make your wedding album or wedding video pop! The contrast between the epic grandeur of these shots compared with the more intimate moments is what makes your wedding so spectacular.
So let us take extraordinary drone wedding photos and videos of the most memorable of days.

– Aerial photos and video of the church and venue
– Aerial photos and video of the guests, immediate family, bride and groom
– Fly overs and reveal shots of arrival and departures
– Fly over video shots of the church and venue
– Fully edited photos and video

We are a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) drones in the U.K. and are governed and regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority. Safety is our main priority; we do not fly close to wedding guests.

Drones are not quiet, and can be disruptive, so ours drones are grounded for any important moments.
Not every venue is drone friendly. You must have the permission of the venue to fly and their staff need to be fully briefed.
Make sure you allow time to get the aerial shots. Drone shots need to be planned as they do attract attention away from the wedding when they are flying. They best time to fly is when your guests are outside mingling or standing around
Drones cannot fly in rain or high winds. Our pilot have the final say on the day whether they can fly or not.

Thea & Jamie Parkinson

"Chris & Carolyn at Amb-Vision were fantastic and really captured our special day in every way. We hardly knew that they were there and they were so helpful and friendly, and the drone footage that they captured is absolutely amazing. Everytime we watch our Wedding Movie it brings back amazing memories and always makes me shed a tear. Thank-you for giving us such amazing memories to cherish." Thea & Jamie Parkinson

Kelly & James Wilkinson

I still love watching my video. The most professional experience with Carolyn and Chris, they captured moments we didn't even know they had been there for and the end result was just outstanding. They were so friendly and even put our wedding music as the background to the video. If you want the perfect keepsake from your wedding then Carolyn and Chris are the people to give you this with the most amazing drone video.

Tony & Debbie McKee

F,F and F sums it up. First class images, friendly caring service and fantastic value. On the day we were struck by their ability to blend in with the events, nothing ever felt intrusive. After we were bowled over by the quality of the images. They captured not only memories but a view of the day which told a special story. Their ability to capture the emotions expressed through the day was uncanny and all our guests loved their photos. Highly Recommended

Andrea & John Urbanski

A joy to have at our wedding, a lovely couple who made it fun and the resulting photographs are fabulous. Highly recommended.A joy

Jerry & Katy Canady

Great people with a great understanding of photography and how to deal with people. Made us feel special and couldnt do enough to get the best shots. So happy we chose AMB-vision for our wedding photography, thanks again guys!

AMB-Vision AMB-Vision